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About Ewa

You may think that overcoming advanced cancer made me invincible!

Or having experience in building businesses and managing international teams and projects..

But ..

As I was focusing on growing my business again after being sick for so long, fear set in. I was afraid to jump into my workaholic habits that led me to abuse my health in the past. I couldn’t afford that mistake again.

I needed this time to find another way, because harder is not better!

And to find the way to grow my business without sacrificing my health!

I started to find the ways I could simplify my work and I put a few non negotiable self care activities into my schedule.

And then I discovered that I wasn’t alone!

So many women are afraid to go for their big dreams, because true to be told they just can’t work harder, they are already overwhelmed and it is hard to imagine adding anything else.

But that does not have to be your path.

You actually need to work less, not more! Using simplifying strategies and allowing yourself to get helped! So you are not the only one working on your business success.

Here is the truth: the more you focus on your well being and health, the better you will feel and more clarity and focus you will have to grow your business to another level!

Time to get the support you deserve and need:

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Healing Mindset Expert and a Business Coach with over 14 years of experience.

Best selling Author, mum, wife and a friend!

I save women in business from crises mode of stress and overwhelmed, so they can upgrade their internal abundance baseline

And become an INVINCIBLE ENTREPRENEUR WHO IS FREE, FULFILLED AND GROW HER business without sacrificing her health.