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From Fear and Overwhelmed to Free and Impactful

The Invincible Entrepreneur

I’m excited you’re here, ready to leave behind crises thinking forever and step into your business goals 10X pleasure, productivity, momentum and impact!

With your wellbeing and income at the centre of your business.

The program is for heart centred, determined women like you who have created their own business. 

On the outside it looks like you have it all, keeping a good face for your team and family, on the inside, however, it’s an entirely different matter. 

You feel overwhelmed, life doesn’t feel your own, your boundaries aren’t what you’d like, and you doubt you have what it takes to lead your business while feeling fulfilled.

You often operate from stress and what’s true is that you operate from fear, which can create problems that might not be there otherwise. And deep down you secretly fear that a major health crisis can happen to you.

You are **so done** living in a crisis mode! waiting for the next shoe to drop. Instead, you want a simple, uncomplicated path to feel supported, and fulfilled.

You want to be finally free from the crisis thinking that holds you hostage and you want to feel the true fulfilment and don’t be concerned with your health.

Be empowered to step into your big amazing goals with confidence moving in the right direction.

And you want to have in place boundaries, so you get the balance back in your life, spend time with your family and have YOU time again. 

You can run your business while feeling supported and fulfilled…

  • without having to sacrifice your well being
  • without complicated marketing strategy
  • without choosing between business success and your wellbeing

Why  Fear and Overwhelmed to Free and Impactful?

There’s one thing no one tells you when you create your business, 

that there is this emotional impact and over time if that is not dealt with, that turns into distress 

and you end up making decisions from crises and get into the circles where one crisis leads you to make a crisis decision which leads you back in the crises…

It’s like getting at the end of the day and feeling so tired, thinking you need some wine, you get it, but when you wake up next morning you’re not feeling good and you end up being tired all day… and then you feel so tired and need some wine.. and it repeats.

The reason you feel so overwhelmed is because of this underlying emotional component and, normally, it happens to the people that are running their business, if you don’t address that you could start making this stressful decision and overall worrying – is my health suffering?

I created a program that gets to the root and disrupts the circle of stress thinking and teaches you how to make decisions from empowered places instead of stress places.

What makes this program different is that you’re gonna learn to make decisions in your business from a place of grounded empowerment where you’re embracing your financial health, your physical health, your mental health and your emotional health.

We will address your mindset, your business strategy and level of energy.

True fulfilment and success comes when we are in the right state and we let go of the old stories that limit us and we embrace a new identity of an Invincible Entrepreneur who has her well being and income in the centre focus.

There is a period of time that both realities are true – your old and new you.

The superpower of this program is that you practice on weekly calls choosing a better version of you, building a muscle that over a time becomes your nature.

The program combines powerful emotion and mindset support blended with business practices. 

Over the next six months, you’ll discover a new way of being in your business and life. It’s time to embrace the NEW you – who is already inside of you by the way!

On reflecting on some of my client successes recently, it makes me so happy to read things like…

  • “Ewa took that ‘elephant’s leg’ off my chest as she described my predicament of living a life with a constant burden. After finishing her programme I feel free, I have a lot more time and I love the fact that my business and life is a lot more balanced now.”
  • “I feel more secure and confident…I feel much lighter; it’s been life-changing.”
  • “Recently, an event happened in my business that previously would have left me worrying and not sleeping for days. But having done this program, I dealt with it within an hour, without any worry. Amazing!”
  • “The most important lesson I’ve learnt from Ewa is that I can reach for things that used to be in the realm of a dream giving me a gnawing sense of impatience and desperation. I know I can reach for them now in a systematic and planned way with a sense of purpose in every action I take.”

Here is how we’ll work together.

We work together on a 1 on 1 basis weekly, with the breaks for holidays that are announced in advance.

There are 3 important phases.

Phase one: Mindset 

On our calls we will explore your old identity and create a new one, then the most important part will be on our weekly check -ins, 

building awareness and a muscle of NEW you!

Who does not operate on stress fuel anymore!!!

We do this work to get you relief and at the same time be clear on your business vision and step into your playful, feminine energy where we look at your BIG desires that have been put on the back burner.

As you become clear on your new identity we will work on your 25 years vision for becoming a Game changer! 

25 years is 100 quarters, we will define goals for the beginning of your journey, having an end goal in mind.

One of the biggest reasons why people don’t achieve their goal is that they are not connected to them…

It’s just some number or a piece of paper

This is why it is so important to go  through an especially designed process to build the connection between you NOW and you when you achieved your goal.

By the end of this phase you will feel as if a weight has been lifted, feel more organized and the businesswoman you dream of starts to emerge.

Phase two: Healing 

You will create here your Image Cycling wheel, the amazing method that has helped me to heal from cancer and has been an amazing manifestation tool.

In this phase, we will activate your superpowers so you can create all that you’ve planned with ease, without being paralyzed by fear. 

We’ll focus on creating and practicing a very powerful Image Cycling method, which will immediately refocus your energy from stress and fear into fulfillment, empowerment and freedom, so you’ll be able to go for what you want in your business and life without having to sacrifice your health.

By the end of this phase, you will be empowered to go for what you want without worrying about your well being or lack of resources. You will switch on new empowering beliefs and have more energy. 

Phase three: Business

As fear can lead to costly knee jerk financial decisions or decisions that use up your time and energy going in the wrong direction, leaving you ‘paralysed into inactivity’, so it’s crucial to activate your superpowers. 

All of this work is to allow you to upgrade your internal abundance baseline from which you approach your business, so you feel heart cantered and grounded.

In this last phase, you will learn to become the Invincible Entrepreneur, mastering your momentum and manifesting your heart desires to feel fulfilled and free. 

We will make sure that your ideal client, irresistible offer and delivery process are in alignment with your new identity.

We will focus on a marketing strategy that works with your business and you don’t need to compromise yourself…

This program teaches you a new way of being in your business; by the end, you will view yourself in your business from a different perspective. 

The program will get into the root and distracts the cycle of stress thinking and teaches you how to make decisions from empowering places.

You will be able to recognize and change crisis thinking and be the powerful businesswomen who go for your BIG goals that impact your community and people you serve in a big way!

What also my clients says about working with me:

  • “After finishing a programme with Ewa I feel finally free in my business”
  • “I manage my business with ease, as delegation became no problem once I stopped being so afraid of doing it!”
  • “I finally say goodbye to Mrs Perfect”

A life crisis can freeze us and break us.

It does not have to be like this!

Imagine that it’s 6 months from now and you feel free and truly empowered!

You are free from living in a crisis mode! Free to be passionate about your business and expand it! 

You are ready to go for the BIG goals in your business with ease without choosing between business success and wellbeing!

Yes! Let’s start your transformation right now to reach the state of being – fully fulfilled and effective so you can be that anchor and support for your clients and family while feeling fulfilled and free!

The truth is……that things in the outside world can seem chaotic and uncertain, but that doesn’t have to be your internal reality. 

Unfortunately, many of us are waiting for those in “positions of power” to make better decisions to begin that change, but we must not place our power outside of ourselves! 

In addition to transforming fear to freedom you will have my personal experience of overcoming cancer while using the same tool you will learn in the program. You are not alone and you deserve the best support!

Addressing your health concerns and your wellbeing is crucial when you run a successful business! Being fulfilled and feeling free means making more money and helping A LOT more people! 

STOP waking up each morning and going to bed each night just waiting for the next crisis!

If you are *so ready* to dial into your TRUE powers, ditch overwhelming fear and focus your time and energy on the things that will bring a sense of fulfillment, freedom, but also more clients and cash as a direct result of your amazing state of being, then the Fearful to Free program is for yo

I’ d love to have you join me:



Weekly 1:1 coaching 

(50-minute sessions)

Email support between sessions

(response within 48 hours during regular business hours)

Additional transformational tools

You can grow an amazing business. One that serves you as much as your clients and makes a true impact in the world.

It’s time to step up and take the next step. It starts with one call.


Are you ready?

If you’re ready to make more money and create freedom while supporting your well being, it’s time to apply for coaching.