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Stress Free
Cancer Treatment

Are you stressed about your cancer treatment, or a treatment of someone you love?

Are you experiencing confusion, anxiety and powerless?

Is fear paralysing you?




This is your roadmap to move from fear and stress into your power to heal and have specific and practical tools to deal with stress and different events during your healing journey.

Dear Friend

“I am sorry that you are in this difficult situation. I wish to have a magic pill or the solution for your suffering and because I experienced this healing journey myself I know how difficult this actually is.

After I got healthy from ovarian and endometrium cancer, in my heart I got a level of love and compassion for you that I did not know existed.

I so wanted to help!

Firstly I wrote a book, which became bestseller and I got so many questions that I decide to create this course to be able to help much more people!

I know that one of the most important thing during the treatment is managing your fear, stress and other difficult emotions which often are not addressed at all!

And yet they are the most important aspects, as they directly influence our body ability to heal.

From the bottom of my heart I invite you to join this program so you can transform your cancer fear into ability to heal.”

Ewa Signature

Stress Free Cancer Treatment Program

Transform your cancer fear into your Power to heal.

Why do you need this course?

  1. Stop being terrified and move into direction of healing.
  2. Release the shock after a diagnosis and plan your next step.
  3. Help someone you love and give them this program, so you don’t feel helpless.
  4. Use the experience of others and know there are many solutions.
  5. Prepare for different events during your treatment, so you know what to expect.
  6. Choose your favourite methods of releasing stress and fear.
  7. Stop isolating yourself, and know there are many others in your situation.
  8. Bounced back.
  9. Bounced back again.
  10. Activate new resources for your healing journey.

Stress Free Cancer Treatment Program

Transform your cancer fear into your Power to heal.

Course Content


The Fundaments

  • 12 best stress release methods workshop, so you will get a choice of different tools that fit you best.

Module 1: Diagnose

  • How to react to a cancer diagnose
  • How to overcome confusion and fear
  • How to know what to do

Module 2: Decide

  • Why it happened to me /him/ he?
  • Where to search for answer?
  • How to create your healing plan?
  • Heart centred meditation – before making important decisions
  • Your healing Plan worksheet

Module 3: Treatment

  • How to prepare for doctor visit, medical tests/ exams, wait for results- reviving good or bad news. operations, chemotherapy / other treatments
  • How to ask for help
  • How to create your own support team
  • Your own support team worksheet

Module 4: Tests and Results

  • What to do if you feel powerless, confused, worry, lost or lonely
  • What to do if you want to give up

Module 5: Bonus

  • How to deal with loosing your hairs
  • Interviews with experts

It’s time to transform your cancer fear into your ability to heal!

Is it working?

I only teach and share things that I have already used and tested on myself and others people.

Will it work for me?

I am not in your skin, so I can’t promise the level of results that I got, but by following this program you will have a specific and effective toolbox to use, if you do or not is up to you!

No time

Time is a matter or the prioritisation, so the only question is:

“Does addressing fear and stress is important for you enough to make the time for it?”

Too stressed

You can look at this program as your first step in the right direction – help yourself now!


I did my best to make it accessible for everyone and I also included options of doing it together with your caregiver or as a gift from someone that care so much about you.

Why should I learn from you

I healed from ovarian and endometrial cancer using a combination of traditional and mindset/ energy therapies. While accepting the advice of doctors and working their plan faithfully, I took my healing into my own hands as well, focusing on my body’s ability to heal, the life I wanted ahead of me, and the belief that I had the ability to create my future as desired.

I am also a skilled life-coach with a background in Computer Science and IT project management, I have used my exceptional human skills to help clients achieve success for many years.

Why now?

I believed that we are connected, I don’t know how exactly you found yourself here, but I know it was not by accident.
Join the Stress Free Cancer Program NOW.

Who this training is for:

Cancer patients, their friends, family and medical experts.

Who this training is not for:

If you looking for anyone to blame, attack for your suffering or buying this course can put you in money problems, this program is not for you.


Stress Free Cancer Treatment Program

Transform your cancer fear into your Power to heal.